Legal navigation for entrepreneurs and emerging companies to help you find the route to success.

DiRusso Corporate Counsel empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to take big leaps, helping you mitigate risk, tackle problems and be compliant. We don't just form your entity, we sit at the table with you and help your vision become a fruitful venture, from idea to implementation and beyond. Ready to build something? Let's get in touch.

Elizabeth DiRusso has provided excellent legal advice and guidance to our company.  I have found her to
be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and honest.  While working with Elizabeth on a variety of
employment law issues, she has helped to avoid risk for our company.  I would highly recommend
Elizabeth to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair and that will keep your best interest at the
forefront. - Neha Mekala, Director of Human Resources, VJ Associates Inc. of Suffolk

Elizabeth DiRusso
DiRusso Corporate Counsel

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General Corporate Advice

Every new and existing business needs a proper foundation to allow for optimal growth. We work to understand your business model then identify and manage the legal issues.


We all need them. It is essential to know what you don't know. We work hard to understand the culture of your business so we can identify the right colleagues with the necessary expertise to create synergy. We act as your outside General Counsel to manage all of your legal issues which may involve the use of our colleagues or others we identify as the right fit for the issue. Having worked in London for a few years and also as a member of the International Network of Boutique and Independent Law Firms ( we have connections to legal experts across the globe.

Business Structure

Businesses aren't meant to be built exactly alike. We help you choose the structure that makes the most sense for you, educating you on your options and ensuring you have the information you need to understand your options. 

Partnership and Mentoring

Starting and growing a business is challenging. It does not happen without connecting with others. We align ourselves with you so our services meet your individual needs, and partner with you through the process, mentoring you along the way. 

Just a few clients being supported by DiRusso Corporate Counsel.


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